August 16, 2011

Jack Snacks!... Shiroi Fuusen

I don't often buy rice crackers but when I saw these I was intrigued! White as snow, they didn't look like the usual kind - and the description on the packet included the words 'chocolate cream' - oooh! A sweet rice cracker? Must try!

That is one white cracker.

The first bite is strange, the rice cracker is super light and there's no real flavour and it's very plain. The small smear of chocolate cream is good as it gives the taste some definition. Once I finished it, I ate another one straight away. Partly cause I wanted to put my finger on the oddity of the plain cracker, but mostly cause it was tasty!

Plain rice cracker is weird but wonderful.

What: Shiroi Fuusen rice crackers (available with milk cream or chocolate cream flavour)
Where: I got mine from Miracle supermarket World Square, but later saw it at Maruyu as well
How much: $5.45 at Miracle, $4.97 at Maruyu (d'oh! I could have saved 48c!)

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