August 19, 2011

Jack Snacks!... Pataks ready to eat Mini Pappadums

It's been one of those weeks - the bad kind! But it's the little things that can make it all better. In this case, it's the joy of stumbling across something that you've eaten overseas that cannot be found back at home (Sydney in my case). Oh the excitement!

Jess introduced me to pre-cooked mini pappadums the first time I visited her in the UK. They sold them in the "crisps" section of Waitrose and she was quite excited when she gave me some to try as she knew I'd like them just as much as she does. I mean, who doesn't like pappadums? And who wouldn't mind having a bag in the cupboard, ready whenever you've got a pappadum craving? Yum, I'm going to be eating lots more!

So I was checking out the 7-Eleven near my office and saw the "Pataks ready to eat mini pappadums" and my eyes nearly popped out of my head. So I rushed straight to Coles (hehe yes, for the cost saving) to buy a packet. There's plain and there's also an assorted flavours option which has a mix of plain, black peper and mildly spiced. The 2 flavours are distinct and really good matches for the pappadums.

Thanks Jess for introducing me to these in the UK. And thanks Pataks for making my mini pappadum dreams come true here in Sydney!

What: Pataks ready to eat mini pappadums. Comes in plain or assorted (plain, black pepper, mildly spiced)
Where: Get it in the curry section of the supermarket, along with all the other Pataks products
How much: I paid $3.99 for a pack at Coles Express (75gm)

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  1. Cool - so glad you can get them now so I won't have to buy them and hope they survive long distance travel!