January 17, 2012

Greece - Part 3: Kebap Heaven

Although there are so many places to blog about including the endless list of amazing food experiences in Japan, I can't help but keep returning to Greece and whenever I do, the kebaps from Thanassis pop into my head.  They were so good, Dave and I had it twice during our 3 days in Athens!

Famous for their kebaps on pita with grilled tomatoes, Thanassis is a vibrant souvlaki restaurant near Monastiraki where you can sit down for the famous grilled meats plated up along with some Greek salad and a beer.  Alternatively, you can grab a kebap to go from the takeaway part of the restaurant which we did on our second visit and had no regrets.  You could order the kebap rolls with chips as an optional filling - what a combination that I'm sure Jack would love it!.  And what amazing value at only €1.90 a roll!

Kebap on a plate - grilling the meat, tomatoes & bread - kebap to go

Obviously as we were in Greece, there were plenty of choices for souvlaki, but Thanassis is popular among locals and tourists and with a constant flow of patrons, it means that the food is fresh and hasn't been sitting there for ages.  

No trip to Greece is complete without a kebap - I think it's unavoidable in this country.  But I would say no trip to Athens is complete without a visit to Thanassis.

What:  The best kebaps ever at Thanassis
Where:  Mitropoleos 67, Monastiraki Square, Athens, Greece
How much:  €1.90 for a takeaway kebap (guys will probably need more than one for lunch),  plates from €6 (from memory)


  1. Yummm! I'm craving now. I've only been having Greek coffee and it's so intensely rich :)

  2. Holy cr@p that looks good and at a bargain too.

    My standards for kebabs are ones that come from a slab of meat on a stick, rolling around for who knows how long.

    Such a difference.