January 11, 2012

Jack Jap-Snacks!... Royce' Nama Chocolate

Last year a friend brought back some Royce' Nama Chocolate from Singapore, Maccha flavour no less, so it goes without saying I liked it very much! I made a mental note to get some when I was in Japan but, as anyone who's ever been there would agree, when you're actually in Japan there are just sooooo many different things to eat that you're constantly distracted with something new.

So it wasn't until we were at Narita airport on the day of our departure that I managed to buy some Nama Chocolate. It's made with fresh Hokkaido-milk cream which makes it super soft, creamy and rich. There are various flavours, both alcohol based and non-alcohol based. But I couldn't go past the maccha which is both strong in fragrance and taste.

With it's high cream content refrigeration is necessary - naturally the Japanese have this sorted with thermal cooler bags for an additional cost. They put the chocolates in the bag and then place a little cooling pack inside which preserves the precious cargo.

Stay-cool packaging to protect the chocolate.

Yum! I highly recommend trying it because it tastes great. Even my mum (who doesn't eat chocolate) liked it and ate several pieces in one sitting!

It's appearance is a little worse for wear after 2 flights but the creamy texture and maccha taste are unaffected - oishii!

What: Royce' Nama Chocolate (Maccha flavour)
Where: Buy it in Japan (I got mine at the airport complete with cooling bag). Their international outlets are listed here
How much: Nama Chocolate cost 660yen (containing 20 pieces), it cost me an extra 100 yen to get the thermal cooler pack

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  1. Yum I want to eat some...oh Japan, we miss you!!