February 6, 2012

Greece - Part 5: Oikonomou

This is the last post of the Greece series and I have saved the best for last: a traditional meal in a proper, local Greek taverna.  Coincidentally, this was also our last meal in Greece and a perfect way to end our holiday.  We had walked for almost half an hour from Lykavittos Hill through the suburban streets to find Oikonomou,  nestled amongst other local tavernas and apartment blocks.  The area around the main street of Troon had a lovely local feeling, especially on Sunday when families were out for a meal or a stroll in the neighbourhood. 

Oikonomou doesn't have a sign and is so plain and simple you would miss it if there weren't so many people eating there.  We were lucky to get a table outside under a tree, although there were some free tables inside.  There are no menus and we were sent the youngest waiter to speak to us in English which confirms just how traditional this place is.

There are the usual basics and daily specials which they read out to you.  We made the most of our last meal, sticking with the local favourites:  fava bean dip with a splash of lemon and olive oil to add smoothness and taste to the lovely yellow bean taste.  This was served with some lovely fresh bread and went well with stuffed cabbage leaf rolls which were so delicious, I considered asking if they would hire me as a waitress so I could stay in Athens.  It was surprising that we hadn't come across the cabbage rolls as much and quite a shame that we hadn't discovered Oikonomou earlier although it wouldn't have been very adventurous to eat there every day. 

Fava bean dip - rabbit stifado - Greek salad - stuffed cabbage leaves

Our main dish was Stifado - traditional Greek rabbit stew made with lots of pearl onions in a tomato sauce.  This was hearty and was just the thing to have in a traditional taverna like Oikonomou.  And of course, our final meal in Greece would not have been complete without a Greek salad which had become a staple during our trip.

All washed down with Mythos beer and sunshine, what a perfect way to end our trip.  Oikonomou is the perfect place for a traditional, hearty taverna meal.  It's simplicity and great value add to the charm of the place and we recommend it to anyone who wants to experience the real flavours of Greece.

What:  Oikonomou
Where:  Corner of Troon and Kyndantidon
How much:  Can't remember the details but the dishes were reasonable local prices


  1. I always dream about going to to Greece but I'm not familiar with Greek food so far (only the typical ones I know). It was really interesting to see the delicious food on your post! I'd love the stuffed cabbage for sure!