February 3, 2012

Jack Snacks!... La Roulade cakes

Two posts in one day - it's almost too much considering how busy things have been. But! I was walking through the cbd after work on thursday when 2 things in QVB caught my eye. First is that one of my favourite shops is opening in February, yay! Nearby was the second - recently opened La Roulade cake shop.

It's a tiny little space with just enough room for a little service counter and a glass display holding the cakes. The description says that each Roulade "is a rich blend of Belgian chocolate mousse, rolled in a delicate sponge, enrobed with  a silky chocolate ganash". They looked cute and the chocolate tempting. Furthermore there's currently an opening special which convinced me (details below).

So I took home a Raspberry and Black Forest to try. The chocolate ganache is silky indeed with a flavour. The Raspberry was a little too sweet and could do with a stronger berry taste. The Black Forest was better balanced with a tartness from the cherries that are mandatory to realise the cake's name. Next time I'm likely to steer away from the sweet flavours and try mango or lemon.

La Roulade - thankfully not another cupcake place...

Raspberry on the left, Black Forest on the right.

What: La Roulade
Where: Shop 11 Lower Ground Floor, 455 George St, Sydney
How much: $4.50 for 1, $8.50 for 2, $16.50 for 4 or $24.00 for 6. Opening specials apply if buying more than 1 piece - $6.75 for 2, $12.75 for 4 and $19.50 for 6.


  1. walked past yesterday! was it yum?? loooked nice :)

  2. oh, these look great! I'll have to check them out next time I'm looking for sweets in the area.

  3. I'd like the black forest. :-) I love their packaging and how the cake looks. Really pretty!

    1. Yeah i loved it too. But my all time favourite is HAZELNUT and MINT!!!!

  4. I have never tasted any cake like it. It was soooo good. I walked past it and decided to buy one and I fell inlove with it. Thankgod its not another cupcake shop. You should all try it out.

  5. Guess what... La Roulade now have a new line. Their light cream caramel. It is very yummy, you should try it. And soon I will be able to have it with my coffee. Yaaaay!!!