August 4, 2012

Jack Snacks!... N2 Extreme Gelato

Gelato made with liquid nitrogen! When Hey Hey House closed down at Number One Dixon I was hoping something good would open up in it's place.

The glass doors had been covered in printouts of chemical symbols and a definition for Nitrogen - hint hint!

Nitrogen coming...

So it finally opened last night (Friday) and there were lots of people watching with interest as their gelato was made with liquid nitrogen. I hadn't even had dinner yet but I was totally keen to have a taste so decided to try their Earl Grey Burnt Caramel but it was sold out so I went with a chocolate instead (I know, bo-ring). It was a good chocolate gelato though, on the dark side so not too sweet which is good. And the texture is thick and smooth. I like!

Is that a crowd?

Yep.. that's a crowd!

Ooh... now this looks like fun!
Liquid nitrogen gelato in chocolate flavour.. gone almost as quick as it took to make...
Check out the super frosty liquid nitrogen jug and those cool science lab gelato mix bottles... I wanna play!

There's nitro shakes which I'll have to try after I've tried some more of their flavours - this place is fun and different and oh so dangerously close to work so there's no doubt I'll be back next week for a gelato fix!

What: N2 Extreme Gelato
Where: 43/1 Dixon St Sydney
How much: Prices start with one scoop for $6


  1. That was quck post. We were only just there last night :-P

  2. That looks like lots of fun! Will remember this for the next time we're looking for dessert and are in the area :)

  3. Must try this new dessert place! I've just been thinking there's a lack of places for dessert around this area