March 25, 2011

Jack Snacks!... Awesome Lo Po Beng

As mentioned in my earlier post I wanted to write about my favourite Lo Po Beng (Sweet Heart Pastry). It's the best one I've had here in Sydney but I don't guarantee that it's the best there is (at the time of writing, my Auntie MM says that she thinks there's another shop which is nicer, I'll definitely try it out as well to see how it compares!).

But back to this Lo Po Beng. It comes from Bakery King Cake Shop (a.k.a 麥包皇饼店). They have a shop in Hurstville as well as Chatswood. I've eaten from both and they're made the same way, however Hurstville's is that tiny bit better in my opinion.

Bakery King's Lo Po Beng has a really nice soft pastry which is not dry. The winter melon filling is moist with a nice flavour but not too sweet. The proportions of melon and pastry are just right. The other thing that makes it right is the price. Cause at $3.20 for 5 (weighing 180gm) it's alot cheaper than the one at 85°C.

Oh there are 5 in a box, I may have eaten 2 right away cause I couldn't wait!

What: Lo Po Beng (Sweet Heart Pastry)
Where: Bakery King Cake Shop at 241 Forest Rd, Hurstville (02) 9579 6381 and Shop 4/376 Victoria Ave, Chatswood (02) 9904 7078
How much: $3.20 for 5 (180gm)


  1. Awesome will have to check it out.
    I may even weigh them before digging in ... =)

  2. If you mention my name they will give you a discount.